The True Path of Tai Chi Chuan

Discovering your natural state

with Sifu Fong Ha, ?/span>February 23 ?24, 2013

Third Coast Martial Arts

8108 Mesa Drive, Austin


Reveal the innate perfection of your body, mind and spirit. Learn practices you can use for the rest of your life to break through old habits and programmed patterns of behavior, and gain profound inner peace and power. In this seminar you will learn the fundamentals of tai chi practice as well as zhan zhuang, qigong and tai chi ruler.


Tai chi chuan is much more than a series of movements it is a way of moving, a way of being. It would be impossible to learn tai chi chuan form in a weekend but in this time you will learn tai chi movement. Donít miss this unique opportunity to study with one of the great living masters of tai chi.


Sifu Fong Ha is well known for his power, graciousness, and cosmopolitan charm. With humor and insight, he encourages students to be true to themselves, to recognize their inner strengths, develop at their own pace, and actualize their potentials.


" Just as the bud of a flower contains within it the innate form of the perfect flower, so do we all contain within ourselves the innate form of our own perfection. Under the proper conditions of sun, water and nutrients, the bud unfolds to reveal the flower. Likewise under the proper conditions of our practice, that which is perfect within us - physically, mentally and spiritually - begins to unfold .?/span>


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February 23rd and 24th

Saturday and Sunday 9:30am to 5:30pm

Cost $260*



Saturday February 23rd

9:30am to 5:30pm.

Cost $140*



Sunday February 24th

?/span>9:30am to 5:30pm.

Cost $140*



Teacher Training and Weekend

Cost $460*

Prior permission required


*Please note that seminar costs include a 20% non-refundable registration fee (included in the prices). There will be no refunds after February 9, 2013.


Dixie Hornby



11917-B Oak Knoll

Austin, Texas


Devon Hornby





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