Asian Manual Therapy


Asian manual therapy is a remarkably effective form of bodywork. It rapidly addresses injury and chronic pain as well as a host of internal imbalances similar to those treated by acupuncture.

Asian manual therapy has been used for centuries by lay healers, sages and martial artists. Treatments involve a trained therapist using acupressure, massage and stretching to activate the recipients own healing energies, as well as offering advice based on classical Chinese herbology and healing theory.


"Devon is incredible. He has helped me and my family in so many ways. His manual therapy skills are great. Our family is very sports active and is always straining and spraining our bodies. In one instance a well respected orthopedic surgeon wanted to perform surgery on my shoulder and Devon resolved the problem in 6 - 8 sessions. I have no problems with the shoulder anymore. He is very valuable to us and a great friend."

Bruce C.



Devon Hornby, LMT, MTI


Devon is renowned for his ability to quickly and effectively treat pain and discomfort. He has worked with world class athletes as well as people from all walks of life. In his practices he specializes in, but is not limited to, hip and back pain, headaches, joint injuries, plantar fasciitis, nerve impingement, as well as most athletic injuries and chronic pain.


Devon is a licensed massage therapist and a highly regarded healing arts practitioner. He has been practicing the healing arts for over fifteen years. His practice of manual therapy is founded in many years of experience and training. He studied tuina (Chinese manual therapy) at the Rising Sun School of Somatic Arts, acupuncture and herbs at the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tao Shiatsu under the lineage founder, Ryokyu Endo sensei. Devon specializes in health maintenance, rehabilitation and pain relief.


Devon has been practicing the martial arts for thirty years. He has devoted the last fifteen years to the practice and study of tai chi and qigong. He has studied under numerous internal gongfu and qigong teachers and currently studies with Sifu Fong Ha.


Devon has studied with a number of great teachers and masters of qigong, meditation, healing, and martial arts. He synthesizes the essence of what he has learned in a practical and straightforward manner. Devon�s practice of manual therapy reflects his dedication to make the profound heritage of Asian medicine accessible and approachable for anyone who wishes to improve their health and reach towards their full potential.


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I went to see Devon for severe sciatica after having gone to physical therapists, chiropractors, surgeons, acupuncturists, postural correction specialists and other massage therapists with very little success. I could not sit cross-legged on the floor and couldn't walk more than a block without pain in my leg and lowe...r back. Devon committed himself to working with me through what proved to be a stubborn condition involving not just physical but psychoemotional and spiritual aspects as well. I now practice qigong and tai chi regularly in what promises to be a lifelong practice and can sit in weeklong meditation retreats without pain. I found massage to be so profoundly transformational that I have begun to study it myself. I am very grateful for Devon's practice and skills.

Laura S.




Dixie Hornby



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Devon Hornby